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Shapes and Sizing


Our classic long-sleeve crew sweater in Merino or cashmere is available in men’s and women’s small, medium and large sizes. Our Pima cotton sweaters are also available in men’s and women’s extra large.

Our Women’s Crop Sweater features the same crew neck shape, with a shorter body, and is available in sizes small, medium and large, with an extra large available in Pima cotton

Men's Crew Neck Sweater
Women's Crew Sweater
Women's Crop Sweater


Our tees are made from lightweight Pima cotton. Choose from two t-shirt shapes  - Tee and Oversize Tee. They’re available in unisex sizes small, medium, large and extra-large.

Oversize Tee

Use the charts below to help you choose the right size. Be sure to check the Size & Fit guide on each product page for a more detailed guide to each style.

Women's size guide

Small Medium Large X-Large
United Kingdom 8 10 12-14 16
United States 2-4 4-6 8-10 12
EU 36 38 40-42 44
Italy 40 42 44-46 48

Men's size guide

Small Medium Large X-Large
United Kingdom 36 38 40 42
United States 36 38 40 42
EU 46 48 50 52
Italy 46 48 50 52


UMd's Merino and cashmere scarves are one size and measure 35cm x 186cm.

We’re gradually expanding our range of sizes - sign up to our newsletter and we’ll let you know as we introduce new options.


We make every effort to match the colours in our design tools as close as possible to the actual yarn colours, however they may vary slightly depending on your screen’s calibration. Below are swatches of each yarn colour grouped by material.

Extra-Fine Merino Wool

unmade merino


unmade cashmere

Pima Cotton

unmade cotton


We use only the finest natural materials to make your UMd garments. You can learn more about our extra-fine Merino, super-soft cashmere and lightweight Pima cotton on our Journal.

Care Guide

With the right care, your UMd knits will last you for a long time. Here are our recommendations for keeping your garments in tip-top shape.

Always use a detergent that’s designed for washing wool and other delicate fibres. 
Your regular detergent will most likely contain enzymes, which are great at breaking down biological stains such as food, but they also break down the molecules of your woollen garment. Detergents such as Woolite, Dreft and Persil Silk & Wool are specially formulated to protect the natural oils and lanolin in woollen fibres. We also recommend these detergents for washing our Pima cotton garments. Another option is Soak, an eco-friendly, rinse-free detergent.

Wash your UMd knits by hand using cool water.
Heat and agitation are the enemies of wool (and cotton) garments and can cause shrinkage, which is the result of the yarn’s delicate fibres to clinging tightly together. Wash your UMd garments gently by hand, in water of no warmer than 30°C (85°F). We also recommend washing your garments inside out - this will help to keep your colours brighter for longer.

Dry your knits flat, and away from direct heat.
Wet woollen garments can be heavy (wool can retain up 30% of its weight in moisture without even feeling wet!) so try to dry them as flat as possible. This will prevent them from stretching and losing their shape. You can hang them over an airer, but don’t be tempted to put wet woollen or cotton garments onto a clothes hanger.
Dry away from direct heat - that means absolutely NO tumble drying, and as tempting as it may be, don’t hang your garment over a heater or radiator.

Fold your knits. 
Fold your knits and store them in drawers, rather than hanging them on a rail. Even a dry knitted garment can fall foul of gravity - hanging a knitted sweater can cause it to stretch, particularly around the shoulders.

Beware of moths!
Heat and agitation are bad for wool, but its number one enemy is clothes moths. Female clothes moths will flock to garments made from natural fibres and lay their eggs within their folds. Although they’re particularly drawn to Cashmere and Merino, they can also attack cotton. The larvae which hatch will proceed to fatten themselves up my munching their way through the finest clothing in your wardrobe.

Prevention is better than cure. Moths are drawn to dirty clothes, particularly those with perspiration or food stains, so always wash your knits before storing them, particularly if you’re putting them away for a long period of time. Even better, store your clean knits in airtight boxes or vacuum bags.

There are several natural ways of keeping moths at bay. Cedarwood or lavender balls are cheap and readily available, and placing these in your drawers and cupboards will repel moths. We also recommend Colibri moth repellent sachets.

Tell-tale holes in your knitwear are usually the first signs that you have an infestation on your hands. Pop any affected knits into sealed plastic bags and put them in the freezer for a couple of weeks - this will kill any eggs or larvae - and thoroughly clean wardrobes, cupboards and drawers, and vacuum carpets. Pheromone traps should help to catch any remaining moths.

The care label

Baffled by the symbols on the care label? Here's what they mean:


Hand wash. Garments with this symbol should be washed by hand using cool water and a gentle detergent.

no tumble dry

Do not tumble dry.

no bleach

Do not bleach. Do not use detergents containing bleach.


Most knitted garments shouldn’t require ironing but if you have to, use a low to medium heat and, if your iron has one, a wool setting. Always use lots of steam and don’t press too hard as this will crease the wool and flatten its fibres. Hanging your garment in a steamy bathroom for a few minutes can be a good way to eliminate creases as the moisture helps to relax the wool.

dry clean

Suitable for dry cleaning.

Custom Labels

Every UMd garment is made to order, and comes with a custom label that includes your name (or a name of your choosing), the name of the machine that has knitted your garment, the date and - for our sweaters and tees -  information about the designer.


Do you offer a bespoke service?

At the moment we don’t offer a bespoke service (although every UMd garment is itself unique). If you sign up to our newsletter we’ll let you know if this service becomes available.

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