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Nous Vous Will Jay

Nous Vous are Jay Cover, William Edmonds and Nicolas Burrows. The trio are a collective based in Dalston, East London, where they share a beautiful, bright Arcola Street studio. Will is into ceramics and has a kiln, as well as a penchant for pastel paintings. Jay experiments with a range of materials as diverse as wood, cross stitch and play dough (although it’s his series of little faces that we fell for the hardest). Nick’s work is largely collage-based and incorporates printmaking and drawing. 

Nous Vous ceramic cups faces

Collectively, Nous Vous work across a range of illustration and design projects, curate workshops, exhibit as artists and also teach illustration. Their name means 'We You' in French.

It came from a holistic approach where we started to really think about audience and wanting our work to mean something to people. Initially we called ourselves ‘We Appreciate You’ and then started looking at that in different languages. Nous Vous just popped up. It’s a nice reminder to us to make sure that we consider audience when we’re communicating with people. It’s about the collaboration between the three of us as well as the collaborations that we have outside.

Nous Vous faces

So where did the design for UMd come from?

The way we work shows that there are other ways of operating outside of the normal idea of getting a job. It feels quite nice to know that you're doing something outside of what’s expected. The design is about the objects that are around us in the studio and at home and, in an abstract way, drawing lines between those objects and trying to reference the kind of energy that goes on in our studio - like an idea for the factory of the future.

Play around with the shapes of Nous Vous' Fluid Vibes Scarf and discover the rest of the Future Factories collection, curated by design platform It’s Nice That.

Nous Vous watercolour