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We want you to wear unique clothes that you’ll love forever. Only the best for you. That’s why we make our sweaters and scarves from the finest materials. Introducing our extra-fine Merino wool.


The wonder of Merino wool

Merino wool is the finest of sheep’s wool. Not only is it natural, but it’s also renewable and biodegradable. Soft to the skin, it’s a smart insulator, meaning that it not only keeps you warm when it needs to, but also regulates your body temperature, while the natural fibres won’t make you break a sweat. Want more? Wool is antibacterial by nature, odour resistant AND fire resistant.

Wool dye

Where does our Merino wool come from?

Our Merino wool comes from sheep bred in Australia, the world’s leading producer of wool, and is spun into yarn by the Zegna Baruffa mill in Italy. With almost 100 years of experience, they are renowned for their high-quality, fine yarns. We use their patented extra-fine Cashwool® to unmake your sweaters and scarves. Developed as a cheaper alternative to cashmere, this lightweight and breathable fibre is a wool for all seasons - it’ll keep you warm in winter, and on a cool summer evening.


On arrival in Italy, the tops (that’s the nice fluffy stuff that will be spun into yarn) are passed through a two-stage quality check. Only the very best tops make the cut. First, they’re tested for cleanliness, fineness and fibre length. Before they’re spun and dyed, the tops are combed, weighed, and checked again for cleanliness and regularity. All of this makes our extra-fine Merino a yarn of the highest quality - and it even has the Woolmark stamp of approval.

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