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So you’ve made it through Dry January and even February’s long gone by now, which means all those pesky New Year’s resolutions are forgotten, never to be mentioned again! That’s why we feel now is a good time to tell you about Partizan Brewing. A beer with a refreshingly bright illustrated one-of-a-kind label might be just what you need.

Partizan Brewing has been with us since the beginning of Unmade, providing us with delicious beer for our launch parties, and so we were curious to find out more about the man behind the label, so we went to visit super friendly founder Andy Smith in his Bermondsey brewery.

Andy Smith Partizan

After three years at Redemption Brewery in North London, Andy was growing restless and his boss, also called Andy (!) suggested he opened his own place. This is where Andy’s friendliness is key: the Kernel (another famous indie brewery) had just moved to new premises with new equipment and offered him their old one as a starting gift!

Partizan labels

One of Partizan’s obvious selling points and part of their identity is their bright and inventive labels, designed by illustrator; Alec Doherty. Alec met Andy when they were both students in Leeds, and as chance would have it, just as Andy was starting out, Alec Doherty was taking some time off from his food packaging job. In the early days of Partizan they both agreed to making a unique illustrated label for every brew made, and Alec now creates a new one every week.

So, we asked Andy what an Unmade x Partizan beer would taste like? “It would be a sort of bespoke one” says Andy, “one that you could blend yourself.” What comes to mind is a project Partizan and the Kernel are working on together, following a “really old technique. When you mash barley, the first sugar that comes out is really strong, and towards the end, because you are rinsing it out with water, it gets weaker and weaker.” Partizan takes its share of the stronger first batch, while “the Kernel made a weaker beer. [Theirs] is going to be around 3-4% and [ours is] a barley one, which is 10%. The idea is to blend them back together to your own likeness.”

Andy picked his favourite scarves, you can find them below!

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