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Our extra-fine Merino wool is produced to the highest quality, but if you’re looking for an extra touch of luxury, look no further than our cashmere scarves and sweaters.

Cariaggi factory


Cashmere is a wool, or more specifically a hair, combed from the underbelly of Cashmere goats. It’s actually a fine undercoat, grown by the animals during the winter months. Each fibre is very long, which produces an incredibly soft, fine yarn; strong yet lightweight.

Cariaggi cashmere

Where does our cashmere come from?

The raw wool for our cashmere comes from goats raised in China and Inner Mongolia and is collected during the moulting season, when the goats naturally shed their wool. It’s then sent to the Cariaggi factory in Italy, where the quality of the wool is checked, before it’s cleaned and carded. The carding separates the fine, soft undercoat from the coarser outer fibres.

Cariaggi cashmere

The carded wool is then spun into yarn and collected on spindles, where it’s spooled - a final quality check to eliminate any imperfections. The yarn is then sent to our Somerset House studio, ready to be unmade into a one-off scarf or sweater by our Stoll industrial knitting machines - Herman, Hansel and Gretel. 

Cariaggi cashmere