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Introducing the newest addition to our fold. Our Peruvian Pima cotton is lightweight and supremely soft.

A lighter-weight knit

You might think that knitwear equals wool - but you'd be wrong. We're a huge fans of the woolly stuff at UMd, but sometimes you want something a little lighter-weight. That’s why we’ve introduced Pima cotton to our range of yarns.

Our Pima cotton is grown in Peru, using traditional methods.

Cotton of the gods

Cultivated in the fertile soils and sunshine of the Peruvian highlands using traditional methods, Pima cotton is harvested by hand. Not only is this less damaging to the environment than commercial cotton production, but it also preserves the cotton’s renowned features - long fibres and shiny softness. Industrial cotton harvesting tears the fibres, resulting in a rougher texture, and can give the cotton a yellow hue. The handpicking process results in a soft, bright white cotton, that’s strong, resistant to pilling and hypoallergenic, so suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. It’s no wonder the Incas called it a ‘gift from the gods’.

Once it’s been picked, the seed cotton goes into a cotton gin, which separates the seeds and removes other impurities from the fibre. The resulting ‘lint’ is then compressed in bales before being shipped to the Iafil factory in Milan, Italy.

Upon arrival at Iafil, the bales of lint are broken up and sent through a machine called a picker, which fluffs up the cotton and removes any vegetable matter. It’s then fed through rollers, where it becomes a soft, fleecy sheet known as a ‘lap’, carded and drawn to form a thick rope, and finally spun into a thinner yarn and wound onto bobbins.

Our cotton tees are available in two material structures - a soft lightweight cotton single jersey and a slightly heavier-weight textured cotton twill.